My Israel


I think in order to understand why I created this site, you need to know a little about me.

I am an alumna of Birthright Israel. Birthright was my first encounter with Israel as a modern, living, breathing place. Although raised as a cardiac Jew and an avid reader of Jewish cultural themes, including Jewish life, the Holocaust, and Jewish family, I never thought of Israel as a real place in the modern world.

Birthright made it real for me and something snapped in my mind. “I have to get back there,” I thought, “and I want to go for a long time.”

I returned with a year later with a year long service project where I volunteered for a year, generally trying to learn more about Israel, Israelis, and Israeli life. Of course, when you’re living in a place and imbibing its many senses, it’s not quite so formal as all that.

I am now living in Haifa, a city I love. I work at a job in the field of Jewish philanthropy and am constantly trying to enhance my own knowledge on grassroots organizing, opportunities for connectivity, and improving the connections between Israel and Jews abroad. I hope that this blog will help me embed my efforts and learn more about all of these aspects.

Israel is in my heart and I encounter it as a Jew and as a member of Am Yisrael. My story is more complicated then this, of course, but I wanted to give you a taste of one person’s story to understand my perspective in writing this blog and the experiences that brought me to this point.

I welcome you to join me in my travels.


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