The Value of Jewish Philanthropy: Questions For You


The Value of The New Jew: Blogging Jewish Philanthropy

What brought you to this blog and what do you want to see from it?

What content would be especially valuable to you?

Are there issues you are especially invested in or curious about that you’d like me to explore further?

What are your favorite resources or sources of information on:

  • Jews, Jewish life, Jewish communities, Jewish resources, Israel
  • Fundraising, philanthropy, nonprofits, promoting good
  • Social entrepreneurship– in any realm

What are your favorite ways of connecting to others in the blogosphere?

How did you find your favorite blogs? What are they and why are they your favorites?

What attracts you to a blog or repels you from another?

What keeps you coming back?

And Some Questions About You

What draws you to the issue of Jewish philanthropy?

If you work in nonprofit management, Jewish communal service, or related fields, what do you wish you’d known five years ago? Two years ago? Last week?

More importantly, what do you wish you knew now that you don’t?

Do politics turn you off or do you think they add flavor to a discussion?

If you could change three things about your life that would make you a happier person right now, what would they be? How would they improve your daily life?

I’d love to hear your thoughts and get to know you better.

2 Responses to The Value of Jewish Philanthropy: Questions For You

  1. sase says:

    Pls i will like to know what course jewish people give to?thank you

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