3 Opportunities for Jewish Engagement: Hazon, the Jewish Service Network & Nfesh B’Nefesh


There are great opportunities in the Jewish world. The problem is that each organization promotes its own initiatives and unless you are doing steady, intensive research or happen to come across them, there is no way you would know about them.

Bringing these opportunities to your attention and educating you about them is one of the primary purposes of The New Jew.org— with the support of The New Jew: Blogging Jewish Philanthropy

This post covers the following opportunities for Jewish engagement:

  1. Hazon’s Environmental Bike Ride
  2. The Jewish Service Network’s Seed Grants
  3. Nefesh B’Nefesh’s Israel in a Minute Video Contest

1. Hazon: New York Jewish Environmental Bike Ride

Hazon’s annual bike ride for the environment travels from Connecticut to Manhattan over Labor Day weekend. Funds raised will support a diverse array of environmental initiatives and agricultural in Israel and the United States.

Consider sponsoring a team, or participating in related events in the future, such as the Arava Institute’s Israel Ride from Jerusalem to Eilat each May.

2. Jewish Service Network: Seed Grants of $5,000

The Jewish Service Network is offering seed grants of $5,000 for social justice projects. The grant is open to alumni of Jewish service organizations. Winning projects will be measurable and sustainable and must address the following needs areas:

  • Conditions related to lack of material resources
  • Aftermath of natural disasters
  • Impact of totalitarianism and/or genocidal regimes
  • Contributing to sustainable use of the environment
  • Alleviating problems related to mental or physical disabilities
  • Exploring Jewish values from diverse perspectives

The deadline is August 17th.

3. Nefesh B’Nefesh: “Israel in a Minute” Video Contest

Nefesh B’Nefesh’s contest “Israel in a Minute” is seeking submissions for one to two minute video highlighting the positives of living in Israel.

The contest deadline is October 8th and all residents of Israel are eligible. First prize is $3,000 and second is $1,000.

Good luck to everyone and look for more opportunities to come!


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