Week in Review: Top 7 Jewish Philanthropy Highlights


Don’t have time to keep up on Jewish and Israeli philanthropy news from around the world? Let me be your one stop for this week’s highlights.

1. Sheldon Adelson pledges $30 million more to Birthright Israel totaling $60 million this year.

2. Bat Mitzvah girl Samantha Resnick donates $100,000 to the Jewish National Fund to build a playground for special needs children.

3. Margot Freudenberg, a Holocaust survivor who established a network of free residential cancer treatment centers, turned 100. Ad meah v’esreem!

4. Minnesotan Jewish organizations offer aid in bridge crisis: Jewish Family and Services of Minneapolis and the Jewish Community Relations Council provide free counseling for survivors, as well as victims’ families and responders.

5. Israeli opthamologists provide services and surgery to Sudanese and Ethiopian refugees in Kenyan camps through Israel’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the UN High Commission for Refugees

6. Israel’s Central Bureau of Statistics marked a widening social gap, noting:

“A man’s workweek in 2006 was 45.4 hours long, while a woman’s was 34.8 hours long. On average, the men’s wages were 58% higher then the women’s, but considering the difference in the workweek, said the CBS, that gap was reduced to 20%.”

Click here for some apt commentary by OneJerusalem.com.

7. And of course, you already know about Larry Ellison’s donation of $500,000 to the residents of Sderot.

Finally, I always think it is important to hear the voices of average Israelis.

Last Note

I am sending my prayers out to Peru for everyone’s safety, strength, and wellbeing. I also know that this is the time of year when many who are ill or elderly let go. As we enter Shabbat, please keep them in your hearts.


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