Digg, Delicious, You Name It: In Need of an Aggregator for Articles of Interest– Your Advice, Please

 Dear Friends,

While my computer is non-operational, I would like to be collecting articles and blog posting of relevance that you can refer to and I can refer back to in the interim.

I know that there are many sites where I can aggregate links and keep them in a personal collection.

 Your advice would be most appreciated on which site you recommend most highly.

 Many thanks and hag sameach,


8 Responses to Digg, Delicious, You Name It: In Need of an Aggregator for Articles of Interest– Your Advice, Please

  1. wits says:

    I don’t use one so I don’t have an opinion, but I bookmarked one called Feed Raider that you could add to your “check it out” list if it’s not on there already. Robin

  2. thenewjew says:

    Thanks, Robin. I’ll take a look.


  3. amr says:

    I like google reader, but i’m not sure if it will suit your needs. you can “star” items of interest for later perusal as well as “share” items. Shared items have are included in a publicly accessible feed, allowing you to easily share posts, etc that you come across. The caveat is that a blog or other website must have a feed to be used in google reader.

  4. thenewjew says:

    Good info, Alicita. Thank you. I’ll look into it as I know it is one of the most popular options.

    Do you use it yourself?

  5. amr says:

    Yes, but not the sharing features. I star items I intend to come back to, often videos or long articles I don’t have the time to really attend to at the moment, and blog about anything I come across that I care to share (if the mood strikes me, haha).

  6. thenewjew says:

    Have you tried others that you liked as well? How did you choose Google Reader given all the options that are out there– that are providing roughly the same services with only some stylistic adjustments for personal preference?

  7. amr says:

    I originally used Bloglines, but that was 3-4 years ago and at the time, there was too much formatting lost and it was too difficult to browse the content quickly. Not long after I discovered Firefox, I tried its companion email application (thunderbird), to avoid the overlap of continuing to use Netscape for email (firefox and netscape have similar code).

    Thunderbird also has a feed reader, and while I liked being able to read entries as easily as I did my email, it was tied to my personal computer, meaning that I could not pickup where I left off when using other computers.

    I tried google reader bc it was recommended on some of the blogs I read. I already use a lot of other google services (mostly gmail, calendar and blogger), and have come to expect useful innovations, and have not been disappointed, for the most part.

    As a side note, I also have a del.icio.us acct, but don’t really see the point as a google search with the right keywords will nearly always provide the info I’m looking for, including the websites i’ve bookmarked for myself there.

    (to be continued…time to go home!)

  8. amr says:

    okay…lost my chain of thought, sorry. I think i was gonna link you to my delicious page but I’ll just say that I think it’s mostly useful as an online “bookmarks” repository. Beyond that, who knows what i was gonna say. i blame old age :-p

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