Slingshot Releases “Resource Guide to American Jewish Innovation, 2007- 2008”


How will Jewish foundations transfer support to the next generation? What is the future of Jewish foundations in the coming years? What values are most vital for the Jewish community to sustain and develop? What dynamic, progressive ideas will advance the Jewish community into a healthy and positive future?

Slingshot’s Resource Guide to American Jewish Innovation

Slingshot’s “Resource Guide to American Jewish Innovation, 2007– 2008” seeks to address these questions by presenting 50 organizations it believes hold the key to the Jewish future.

“This directory is an effort to map a creative new Jewish organizational world that lies off-the-radar of major funders and help philanthropists decide where to give money by taking care of the due-diligence process,” explains Robert Bennett, senior vice president of the Andrea and Charles Bronfman Foundation.

(Click on the link at the bottom of the page to read the guiding principles of each organization.)

Promoting Wealth Transfer Across Generations

Boston College’s Wealth Transfer Report estimates that the upcoming generation stands to inherit $41 trillion by 2052. That’s a lot of responsibility and a lot of power.

In order to use it appropriately, it is critical that a conscientious process of knowledge transfer occurs to facilitate this change. The younger generation must learn both how to handle and conceptualize these resources to know how to proceed.

The 21/64 Foundation (“Strategic Philanthropy Through the Generations”) believes they hold the answers. Through a branched focus of ‘consulting, convening, and communicating,’ 21/64 guides and supports the smooth transition of multigenerational wealth.

Using a best practices approach, the foundation seeks to ready the upcoming generation to be confident in their Jewish identity and priorities in preparation for the coming transfer.

Working in partnership (both organizations are sponsored by the Bronfman Foundation), Slingshot and 21/64 are ideally positioned to help Jewish organizations, their founders, families, and board members facilitate this transition.

Slingshot’s Top 50

Slingshot’s top 50 give us a great summary of innovation in the Jewish world today. All this talk of creativity and new ideas to help spur revitalization and continued progress should not be seen as implicitly implying stagnation.

No, the Jewish world today is a vibrant and active place, full of bright and talented individuals continuing to pursue its role as “a light among nations.”

Here are Slingshot’s top 50 for Jewish philanthropies of the year (descriptions and links below the cut):

4 Seasons; Association for the Support of an Ethical Start; American Jewish World Service; Avoda Arts; Advancing Jewish Women Professionals; Brandeis’ Berkshire Institute for Arts and Music (BIMA); Birthright Israel; Canfei Nesharim; Centropa; Drisha Institute for Jewish Education; Encounter; the Foundation for Jewish Camping; Footsteps; Gateways: Access to Jewish Education; Gift of Life Bone Marrow; Hadar; Hazon; Institute of Jewish Spirituality; Ikar; Interfaith Family; Isabella Freedman; Institute of Southern Jewish Life; JDub Records; Jewlicious; Jewish Funds for Justice; Jewish Milestones; Jewish Mosaic: the National Center for Sexual and Gender Diversity; Jewish Orthodox Feminist Alliance; Jewish Television Network; Jewish Women’s Archive; Jewish World Watch; Jewish Youth Philanthropic Institute; Just Vision; Kavana; Keshet; Lilith; Limmud NY; Matan; Mayyim Hayyim; Mazon; Moving Traditions; Oyhoo; Progressive Jewish Alliance; RAVSAK: the Jewish Community Day School Network; Reboot; Seeking Common Ground; Sharsheret; Sixth & I Historic Synagogue; Storahtelling

Read more below the cut.

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