Master Israel with the Jewish Agency’s University Tour


Get ready for the Jewish Agency’s December 2007 Introduction to Israel tour for potential MA and PhD students.

Learn About the Tour

Check out their itinerary (below the cut). I couldn’t say it better myself, so I’m going to post the Jewish Agency’s promotional brochure for their Israel university and ulpan tour. Kol hakavod to them for putting this together. I hope the execution is as good as the presentation. Impressive.

New Promotional Campaign

The Jewish Agency is really pushing promotional and public relations material right now, which is great to see. I love to see an organization that is doing good work prioritize outreach to share their programs with others. If you haven’t visited their site recently, take a look.

Consider Change

If you are interested or even think you might be interested in getting a second degree and/or in visiting Israel, I would highly recommend coming to Israel for this tour. If you are on a Birthright winter trip, extend your trip so you can attend. It could change your life.

The Itinerary

(I had to make the image too small in order for it to fit on the page, so click here to see it in the original).




6 Responses to Master Israel with the Jewish Agency’s University Tour

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  2. Emanuel Lombard says:

    I am a PhD aged 83, very healthy, lived in israel for 8 years, taught at HU,have huge family in Israel, but would like to teach English for 2-6 months in exchange for my keep either near Haifa or Jerusalem. How do I go about this? My Hebrew is limited to low level conversation. Some Hebrew study might be an option too. Can you put me in touch with the appropriate address? Many thanks, Emanuel
    PS I was in Israel for two months in 2007.

  3. […] “Master Israel with the Jewish Agency’s University Tour” […]

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