Good News from the Jewish World: The Fight Against Anti-Semitism


I could use some good Jewish news right now. How about you?

Three Stories of Success in the Fight Against Anti-Semitism

  • Czechs form huge protest against neo-Nazis to support Jews
  • US Jewish writer Daniel Mendelsohn receives prestigious French literary award for Holocaust narrative
  • Iranians’ favorite TV show is a Holocaust era love story featuring a Jewish woman and Palestinian man

Czechs Rally Against Neo-Nazis on KristallnachtPragueRally

Thousands of non-Jews wearing Star of David arm bans emblazoned with the word “Jude” rallied in the streets of Prague on Saturday to protest neo-Nazis commemoration of Kristallnacht: the Night of Broken Glass.

The demonstration marked an unprecedented mass show of support for Jews from a former Eastern Bloc country. Said one protester, waving an Israeli flag, “We are told about ‘Never Again,’ but unless you are ready to defend that, it doesn’t mean anything.”

US Writer Daniel Mendelsohn Wins French Literary Award for Holocaust Narrative

Mendelsohn TheLost

Highly acclaimed author Daniel Mendelsohn received the Prix Medicis, one of France’s most prestigious honors, for The Lost: A Search for Six of the Six Million (Les Disparus), which was released in France this September to rave reviews.



Iran’s Most Popular Television Show? A Holocaust Drama from a Jewish Perspective


Every Monday evening at 10:00, Iranians tune in to “Zero Degree Turn,” the nation’s favorite soap opera* whose central story is a love affair between a Palestinian Muslim man and a French Jewish woman in World War II Paris. Iranian diplomats provide the papers to get both home safely to Iran.

Says writer and producer Hassan Fatthi: “The murder of innocent Jews during World War II is just as despicable, sad and shocking as the killing of innocent Palestinian women and children by racist Zionist soldiers.”

Are you kidding? That is great news to hear a quote like that about the Holocaust from an Iranian. In fact, it is the best news I have heard in a long time. What’s more, the show is sponsored by the Iranian government.

Check it out on YouTube. High quality episodes are released regularly.

* Note that the link above is to the Wall Street Journal and available only to subscribers (sorry).


Title photo sourced from the Jewish Virtual Library, Prague rally photo sourced from BBC News, “Zero Degree Turn” shot sourced from Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting (for some reason, I am finding this very amusing).


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5 Responses to Good News from the Jewish World: The Fight Against Anti-Semitism

  1. […] Good News from the Jewish World: The Fight Against Anti-Semitism (Profiled: Czechs rally against anti-semitism; Daniel Mendelsohn, author of The Lost: A Search for Six of the Six Million; “Zero Degree Turn,” Iran’s favorite television show about Iranians rescuing Jews during the Holocaust) […]

  2. onlinenewsman says:

    Recent EU inf says that right wing opinions are extremely popular with 40% of the youth 😦

    But it’s sometimes difficult talking about other peoples opinions and behavior when your own people keep fighting one another. Jerusalem still smells of smoke.

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