Israeli Freelancers Starting Union: Valuing the Written Word


Did you know that scribes were valued in the top tiers of Egyptian society because they represented the values of learning and culture? Almost everything we know about Ancient Egypt comes from the works (and words) of the scribes.

Israeli Freelancers Union

Israeli freelancers are starting a union. Their first meeting will be Sunday, November 18th at 17:30 at the Histadrut headquarters, Strauss 17.

As a writer and freelancer myself, I feel obligated to post this for my colleagues, but to be honest, I can’t really envision how this would work in practice.

You can establish professional relationships through freelancing, especially in Israel where the needs are ongoing and specific, but most often freelancing is based on specific projects with the criteria for employment being heavily based on salary and style considerations.

Laura Goldman Founding Israeli Freelance Union

Laura Goldman, the founder of the Freelancers Union, wrote in “Set Freelancers Free”

“Although my friends are already calling me Norma Rae, the purpose of this union is not just to raise hell and rattle recalcitrant employers.

People have expressed an interest in group pension, life insurance, and disability benefits at more favorable rates than we can achieve on our own. [David] Galanos* assured us at the meeting that he can negotiate us favorable packages citing one example of a reduction of 5% on the commissions for volume. In any case, we plan to establish a committee to investigate the best options.

The union has already agreed to start discussion with the appropriate authorities on our behalf to change practices of the Tax Authority that make life hard for freelancers. We will conduct seminars in English and Hebrew with legal, financial, and accounting professionals provided by the union.”

* David Galanos is the President of the National Federation of Graphical, Media, Entertainment, and Energy, which is 50,000 members strong.

Why I Support Writers and Freelancers

I support the effort to explore these possibilities and certainly to secure a fairer and more stable future for writers who are providing an important (and easily exploitable) service to Israeli universities, businesses, and nonprofits.

WritersStrikeIt’s rapidly becoming clear that writers everywhere are feeling dissatisfied and underappreciated. Any movement that can professionalize the standards of authorship for how consumers treat producers will be of considerable benefit to whatever society it affects.

Best wishes to Laura Goldman and those working with her. I, for one, will be paying attention– and yes, writing about it.

Scribe image sourced from here, with thanks.


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