Chabad Provides Free Chanukkah Resource Kit to College Students in Need (A Rohr Family Profile)



It is that time of year again when we find ourselves wondering: Chanukkah? Chanukah? Hanukkah? Hanukah?

Who knows if we will ever get it right, but here’s a story of something that is right on target. Chabad on Campus is donating free Chanukkah kits to students without Jewish resources in their area with the support of the Rohr Family Foundation.


There is big giving, little giving, and plain old generosity of spirit. I am continually impressed with both Chabad and the Rohr family’s efforts to enhance connections in vulnerable Jewish communities. How do they do it? Through a commitment to Jewish values and a directed and aggressive agenda.

To get your free menorah, register here.

About Chabad on Campus


Chabad on Campus intends to make college a “home away for home” for thousands of college students. In the 1950s and 1960s, under the leadership of Rabbi Menachem Schneerson (z”l), Chabad began establishing centers on college campuses to provide Jewish students with a resource for prayer and practice.

Today, the Chabad on Campus International Foundation is sponsored by George and Pamela Rohr.

Who are the Rohrs?

The Rohrs are major sponsors for vulnerable Jewish communities, including being one of the biggest supporters of Jews in Eastern Europe and the Former Soviet Union.


Sami Rohr (father of George Rohr) was a Columbian real estate developer. As a significant portion of his holdings were in the the Former Soviet Union, he traveled there often and had an opportunity to learn more about the Jewish communities struggling under Soviet rule.

Rohr grasped the opportunity to make a difference. He felt a personal and social responsibility to the Jewish people to help support Soviet Jews and to rebuild their communities. He believed that with his support and the contributions of others like him, he could reestablish Jewish life in the Soviet Union.

Major Contributions

Consider some of the Rohr family’s most recent contributions to Jews in the Former Soviet Union (FSU):

  • Restoring synagogues in Ukraine and Moskow
  • Constructing 15+ synagogue, community centers, and mikvahs
  • Providing for the salaries and living expenses of 200 rabbis and their families serving vulnerable and emerging communities
  • Sponsoring a Russian language publishing house to produce the following Hebrew-Russian translations:
    • 100,000 siddurs
    • 100,000 High Holiday prayer books
    • 75,000 Haggadahs
    • 25,000 Torahs
    • 25,000 psalm books
  • Providing for the establishment of the largest Jewish website in the Russian language:
  • Supporting Jewish women’s institutes, children’s homes, orphanages, yeshivas, summer camps, and funding mass holiday campaigns, as well as sending 350 rabbinical students to strengthen emerging Jewish communities during Passover and the High Holidays

Sami Rohr now resides in Miami and George and his wife, Pamela Rohr, live in New York.

Learn more about this admirable family and their work in the FSU. Please note that this is only a portion of the good work the family has undertaken.

Holiday Reminder

A reminder that Chanukkah is celebrated this year from Tuesday, December 4th to Tuesday, December 11th, starting at sundown each day.

Recommended Reading


To learn more about Jews in Russia, I recommend the Federation of Jewish Communities of the Commonwealth of Independent States website for its high quality content and friendly usability. It is also a great way to learn about communities in need and how you can help.


Images sourced from the following: Chanukkah kit, Chabad on Campus logo, and Rabbi Schneerson; Sami Rohr; and Russian Jewish children dancing. With thanks.


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3 Responses to Chabad Provides Free Chanukkah Resource Kit to College Students in Need (A Rohr Family Profile)

  1. […] Chabad Provides Free Chanukkah Kits to College Students in Need (Profile: Sami Rohr, George and Pamela Rohr) […]

  2. Nancy Bil says:

    I registered but doesn’t got this to work ? what shall i do ?

    • Maya Norton says:

      Hi Nancy,

      Nice to see you here, welcome to The New Jew.

      First, I want to point out that the link is from 2007, so it might not work. Also, Hanukah won’t be coming up for another 11 months. Both of those might be reasons the link wouldn’t work. Trying going to Chabad’s main site and searching around for something specific you are looking for (are you searching for the holiday kit right now in preparation for next year)?

      Take care,

      ~ Maya

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