How Can I Help YOU?


As we enter the holiday season, I want to know how I can help YOU.

How Can I Help?

Filling a job? Planning for summer internships? Want to showcase your expertise? Research question related to Jewish philanthropy? Freelancer needed for new project? I can help.

  • Job Opening at Work? Are you looking to fill a new position in your organization? Send me the relevant information and I will give you a wider audience
  • Planning Ahead for Summer Internships? Does your organization have opportunities for summer internships or employment? Let me know and I’ll write about it
  • Guest Authoring to Try Out a New Idea? Want to showcase your expertise or try out a new idea you are thinking about? I encourage you to submit your ideas for a guest post. I try to write as much as possible about social innovation and cutting edge ideas (no pressure!), so drop me a line and let me know what’s on your mind. If it’s mutually beneficial and interesting to my readers, I would love to hear about it
  • Research Question You Want Me to Write About? Do you have a question or idea related to Jewish philanthropy that you would like to know more about but don’t have time to fully research? Send me your thoughts and let me organize the information you are looking for into a blog post so that others can learn from it as well.
  • Need a Freelance Writer for a New Project? I love writing and research, so if you are looking for a freelancer for a project at your work, drop me a line and make me an offer. Most likely I’ll be glad to help. You’ve already seen my style and approach, you know my competencies, so you know what I can do. Give me a try

Contact Me
You can reach me by e-mail at mnorton [at] or by leaving a comment.


I also want to remind you that I really appreciate getting constructive feedback and hearing from you about your ideas and what you would like to see covered in this blog, including what is working for you and work needs improving. Your thoughts and comments are always valued here.


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2 Responses to How Can I Help YOU?

  1. I love your website. What a great resource.

  2. thenewjew says:

    Thanks very much. It’s mutual.


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