Writing for Global Voices Online: New Position

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I just started a new position as an Israel writer for Global Voices Online. As you’ve heard me say before, I think it is a great website. Seeking to be a portal to the global blogosphere, it focuses on issues that have been underrepresented in the national and international news, and gives a voice to citizen reporters.

Writing for Israel

As an Israel writer for Global Voices Online, I get to write about issues that are not directly on topic for this blog (politics, culture, some aspects of religion), but that I think people should know about.

It is also interesting for me to write as a blog reporter instead of a blogger as a blogger’s usual job is to search for interesting news that others aren’t talking about and give it a spin, while on Global Voices Online my job is to find out what everyone’s talking about and report on the opinion of the Israeli virtual street.

Why It’s Important To Me

My position with Global Voices Online is as a volunteer and it is one that I value. I feel honored to have been chosen.

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Also, as an Israeli blogger and a Middle Easterner, I am looking to deepen my personal brand, while as a writer I am looking to expand my portfolio and explore different styles of citizen journalism. Writing for Global Voices Online helps me to do both.

An Excerpt

Here is an excerpt from my first piece, “Rockets Hit Sderot, Flame the Israeli Blogosphere”

MapSderot BBC

“Some might say that the tiny town of Sderot in the Western Negev is Israel’s little secret. This red roofed village an hour’s drive from Be’er Sheva lies only minutes from the Gaza Strip. As such, it has been a prime target for Hamas aggression against Israel. Use katuysha rockets to hit a major center, you are in for a war. Bombard a hamlet in the midst of an international conflict, and display your anger.

If in all your reading about the Middle East conflict you haven’t heard about Sderot, don’t be surprised. You’re not the only one. Despite the fact that Sderot has been under nearly constant attack from qassam rockets for the past 7 years, its tenuous position in the buffer zone of Israel and Gaza is conspicuously ignored in mainstream news channels.”

Read more by clicking through on the link above.

Map by BBC Media



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3 Responses to Writing for Global Voices Online: New Position

  1. thenewjew says:

    An update:

    In consultation with Israeli Minister of Defense Ehud Barak, Eli Moyal has agreed to resume his position as mayor of Sderot.

    I heard this report on the radio, so don’t have a link for you yet, but I will post here as soon as I have a good one.

    Apparently Barak has promised that he will do what he can to protect Sderot. We’ll see what that actually means in the coming days.

    Maya Norton

  2. Maya,

    It is terrific that you are writing for Global Voices. I’ll be a regular reader now.

    Your first piece is very important. Excellent job!


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