December Giving Carnival: “”How Much Does the Leadership of an Executive Affect Fundraising?”

Who is at the top of your organization’s totem pole?
Photo by Tammy Green

In this month’s Carnival of Giving, Christopher Scott asks us “How much does the leadership of an executive affect fundraising?” My answer is short and simple: a lot.

Working with Israeli universities, I consider the number one most important thing an executive director can do is prioritize development. This can encompass many factors from the most basic level to the more sophisticated, including:

  • Creating an environment among employees that sets fundraising and development as a priority
  • Valuing staff by fairly compensating their time through competitive salaries, having a sufficient number of staff to accomplish development goals, restricting work days to 10 hour days/five days a week, providing benefits, and giving staff time off throughout the year
  • Investing in the public relations of the organization through branding campaigns and media outreach
  • Prioritizing the maintenance of good websites that can serve as development landing pages for the international headquarters, overseas offices, and news sites
  • Providing professional development opportunities for employees to meet and strategize throughout the year
  • Developing regional fundraising and development campaigns
  • Setting development targets and rewarding those who meet and exceed them
  • Diversifying types of development including individual contacts, invidual donors, foundations, and partnerships

These are the basic tenets of what is required for an Israeli university to be a successful fundraiser. For an Israeli university to be competitive nationally and in the international market, the executive must make fundraising the highest priority and take steps to put development campaigns into action.

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One Response to December Giving Carnival: “”How Much Does the Leadership of an Executive Affect Fundraising?”

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