Israeli Philanthropy: Gaydamak Donates $23 Million to Secure Sderot Homes

Photo by Pajamas Media

If Arcadi Gaydamak’s strategy is to become the hero of Israeli philanthropy, he sure has my support. I fear that I am in danger of becoming the Gaydamak channel (should I rename my blog Gaydamania now?)

Gaydamak’s recent pledge of 90 million shekels ($23 million) to secure 600 Sderot homes is a great choice for someone with a lot of money wanting to make a difference and completely in keeping with Gaydamak’s philanthropic patterns.

The IDF Southern command reports that 1,200 Sderot homes are not yet secured, meaning that if the Red Alert were to sound that qassams were being fired, there would be no safe place within the home for people to run to.

When the plan of reinforcing homes and social structures was discussed over 20 years ago, it was considered too expensive, and an alternative investment was made in rocket systems to prevent the attacks.

Given Sderot’s low income status, which has fallen precipitously in recent months as the rockets continue to fall, it has been impossible for people to fortify their own homes. With the government turning a blind eye, Gaydamak’s executive decision to help Sderot residents plays a crucial role in maintaining the sanity and safety of this battered town.

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8 Responses to Israeli Philanthropy: Gaydamak Donates $23 Million to Secure Sderot Homes

  1. Gaydamak’s gift is terrific. But until Olmert decided to do his job and prevent missiles from being fired in the first place then the situation in Sderot will unfortunately continue to deteriorate. At the very least the Israeli government should be providing more protections for homes in the area, which I hear has not been forthcoming. At least there are people like Gaydamak willing to step in when the government is slacking.

    P.S. Thanks for the link you sent. That is a cool blog.

  2. I meant decides, not decided.


  3. thenewjew says:

    No problem, I thought you would like it.

    With other issues as well, but especially with the issue of Sderot, we are treading a fine line with the question of where the government has responsibility and where philanthropists’ help can fill in– but not sublimate their role.

    Look for more on this in my interview with Mark Charendoff, head of the Jewish Funders Network next week.


  4. Shai says:

    Maya, I’m curious – why do you think there’s any risk at all of “sublimating their role”?

    Personally, I’m disgusted at the response of the politicians to Gaydamak’s offer. They saw it as a power ploy, and felt that it was more “mekubal” to give the money to them (the politicians) to spend in Sderot. In other words, there is no benefit deserving of the word that does not also benefit the politicians, even as they play gatekeeper in the life and death stakes that face Sderot.

    I find that incredibly petty on their parts – here we have thousands of families who have withstood years of Israeli government passivity – as far as I’m concerned, the Israeli government deserves to have its inaction highlighted so starkly against the generosity of Gaydamak. If Gaydamak feels he can face up to them, hopefully there will be others as well, and eventually the state will be reclaimed in favor of its citizenry.

  5. christopher lincoln says:

    I have an invention that will create instant buffer walls in Sterot that will also protect roofs, I have tried many government departments who dont seem to care that innocent people remain vunerable while hamas are free to roam around not scurrying for bombe shelters all the time.

    If anyone knows how I am able to get a message to Arkadi Gaydamak, I know that he will back the production and distribution of these innovative instant walls and amazing interlocking blocks.

    I couldnt believe that ordinary Israelis dont seem to care that their brothers and sisters face attack any moment of the day, just because they think they are far away, but with Iran supplying powerful rockets it means many more are vunerable.

    So please let me know if anyone knows a contact for Mr. Gaydamak, or any interested entrepeneur who may be intereted in instant housing, where a 10 year old can build a home in a few hours using a system like huge lego blocks

  6. Mira Perlman says:

    Dear Friend,

    I am trying to write to Mr Gaydamak.

    Do you have his e-mail?

    Will appreciate your help.

    Thanks you, Mira.

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