Jewish Camping & Technology: eCamp Israel & Speciality Camping Partnership


The world of Jewish camping has been twice blessed this winter with the creation of eCamp Israel and the Jim Joseph Foundation/Foundation for Jewish Camping’s burgeoning partnership in specialty camping.

eCamp Israel

eCamp Israel is the brainchild of Nir Kouris and Dotan Tamir, who have created an Israeli camping experience based on Israel’s technology expertise. Three hundred Israeli and Diaspora children ages 10 to 18 will come together for two-week sessions to learn technology skills, like web development, animation, and gaming.

eCampIsrael Promo

While in Israel, they can also partake in an Israel adventure course, learning more about the country. Embodying the heart of its mission, eCampIsrael’s most exciting feature is its tech trips, in which campers travel throughout Israel to experience innovation in action, meeting with Israel’s true technology experts.

Thinking about how your kids should spend their summer? What if they started school in September having visited Intel, Motorola, Google Israel, or having learned first hand about some of the most exciting technological developments in robotics or having tried out an Israeli Air Force flight simulator? Insta-cool.

Do I sound like an ad for eCamp Israel? That’s because I’m crazy about the idea.

Jewish Camping Organizations Partner to Create Specialty Camp Incubator

In the footsteps of eCampIsrael is the Jim Joseph Foundation and Foundation for Jewish Camping’s $8.4 million partnership grant to create a Specialty Camping Incubator.

The Incubator will create four Jewish specialty camps based on skills such as athletics, computers, and arts according to the successful model already established for Jewish camping.

This grant follows on the heels of the Joseph Foundation’s 2007 grant of $11.2 million to entice first-time campers into the world of Jewish camping. Still in its second year of philanthropy, the foundation aims to spend $25 million annually on Jewish issues.

If the partnership is looking for an up and coming Jewish camp specializing in technology– it may well be the only one in the world– I can certainly think of some suggestions (ahem).

Keep reading to learn more about the incubator model in the world of young, Jewish entrepreneurship.

The Incubator Model

As JTA notes and I often talk about in this blog, the incubator model is one of the up and coming paradigms of the young Jewish world. Examples of this include:


Photo by “Woolie Monster”


As you know, Jewish communal innovation, technology, and paradigms of interacting with and giving to Israel are three of my primary blog pillars. I love ideas that combine all three. I’ll be keeping you updated on these programs as we learn more.

In the meantime, check out my idea for technology trips to Israel here: “Three Ways to Improve Birthright’s Impact: Outreach, Trip Customization, Strategic Thinking.”

I’ll be updating you on the plans for Israel technology trips as they solidify. Feel free to ask for more information. This is an idea in development and I always love a good conversation.



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    4 Responses to Jewish Camping & Technology: eCamp Israel & Speciality Camping Partnership

    1. Gary Kulwin says:

      This camp sounds amazing – it seems to include a little bit of everything I love (Israel, computers, camping, etc.). I can only hope that, if my son shares the same passions that I hold, that this camp will be around for at least another decade.

      I also agree that the incubator model is essential for guiding Jewish philanthropy in a time (like this one) of great change. Trying out a variety of new models, supporting those projects that succeed, and then incorporating “the lessons learned” into the next round of innovation is the “cycle of improvement” that fosters a healthier organizational ecosystem in Jewish life.

      Keep the tech stuff coming, Maya! 🙂

      Regards, GK

    2. Maya Norton says:

      It’s my goal to bring you this kind of information, Gary. I hope to be bringing you some news of my own in this direction soon, as far as the Israel tech trips go. I’m keeping my eye out and please let me know if you see anything that should be included as well.


    3. Courtney says:

      And Maya,

      There are funds to help kids get to go to these camps!

      You can read about how JFN partnered with the Foundation for Jewish Camping to bring $2million in new funds for jewish campers at

      Courtney Williamson
      Jewish Funders Network

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