Happy Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day [Image]

A purely friendly post to say:

Happy Valentine’s Day to you.

Happy Birthday to me.

Love to us all.

Image sourced from James Kimberlin

9 Responses to Happy Valentine’s Day

  1. Shai says:

    It’s your birthday? Great! Many happy returns of the day, Maya!

  2. ARB says:

    Happy B-Day! Happy V-Day!

  3. Ian Zwerling says:

    Finally something worth celebrating. Were the same sign. How appropriate your birthday falling on the celebration of love. How appropriate. Hope you have a very happy day and all your wishes come true. I will refrain from making any negative comments on this day of yours. Its a very special day.

  4. Gary Kulwin says:

    Yom Holedet Sameach, Maya!


  5. Maya,

    Happy birthday… Wishing you blessings, joy, and fruitful blogging for the coming year!

    Warm regards,

  6. Ian Zwerling says:

    Maya, you are loved.

  7. Maya Norton says:

    Thank you for your warm words. 🙂 Your kindness means a lot to me.


  8. Jeff Newman says:

    Ian – can you give me your email address? Joanne and me are dying to make contact with you.

    Jeff Newman USA

  9. Al says:

    Happy Birthday!

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