The Importance of Pillar Content: The New Jew’s Return

Baby Toes

The New Jew: Blogging Jewish Philanthropy has been absent from the blogosphere for what amounts to a generation. In our organic, fast-paced world of blogging, you’re either aggressively active and publishing pillar content or you are considered dormant. Nevertheless, I’m hoping to slide back into The New Jew and hope you will support me in doing so.

(On a personal note, I’ll share with you that the reason for an my absence was due to pregnancy and the resulting bundle of joy, evident above.)

The Importance of Pillar Content–

In blogging terms, the most vital lesson of my absence has been to re-emphasize the importance of pillar content. My last post of substance was on February 28, 2008 (I can’t believe that it has been so long), yet my blog is more popular than ever. How can this be?

The secret is the strength of my pillar content.

Despite the duration, my blog has thrived and its readership has continued to grow and expand into previously unexplored channels. Through this website, I regularly receive e-mails from people wanting me to write about their ideas and programs, as well as network, and I even receive a regular flow of inquiries through my Hire Me page.


What Is Pillar Content?–

I attribute all of this activity to an ability to convey key ideas. Pillar content tells your readers what you are all about. It touches on the themes that make your blog unique and in essence, gives your blog a reason for existing.

Photo by WmJas (Flickr: Creative Commons License)

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The New Jew’s focus is apparent through its name: to report on and promote Jewish philanthropy (although how we define Jewish philanthropy is a topic for further debate). I explore this world in four primary ways. By writing about:

  • Jewish Philanthropy: What we can learn from giving in the Jewish world
  • Israel Advocacy: Expanding the paradigms for supporting Israel in the Jewish community
  • Jewish Communal Innovation: Ideas on how we can further advance and develop as a nation
  • Jewish Service: Opportunities for pursuing mitzvot throughout the world by volunteering and other forms of service

The hits on The New Jew reflect that the importance and efficacy of this content.

Your Questions–

I anticipate you will have several questions for me after such a long absence.

Constant Improvement: First, know that this blog is under ongoing construction as I strive to continually improve my content delivery and writing style to best fit your needs and interests. Constructive comments are always welcome.

The Big Idea Series: Second, you ask, what about the Big Ideas Series? My hope is to bring it back gradually. I will be in touch with each author who submitted a proposal to me and see if his/her interest in participating still stands. In keeping with my original intent, proposals will be posted within categories so that we can learn from them as a group and understand from the writers what we should be learning and thinking about in these broad categories (education, Jewish community, new Jewish media, etc).

My Return: Third, and the toughest to answer, you ask, “Are you really coming back? You left so abruptly the last time.” My answer is yes and that is the best that can offer right now. As I’ve noted here and personally over e-mail, unfortunately the pregnancy was physically hard on me and there was no way that could have been anticipated. I simply didn’t have the capacity to maintain my blog in the way that I wanted during that time.

Next Steps–

So, come join me in The New Jew’s Return by continuing to read, joining in the discussion, expressing your interest, and subscribing below. I can’t wait to get started on this journey with you again. A warm thank you to my loyal readers and friends for their support.



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13 Responses to The Importance of Pillar Content: The New Jew’s Return

  1. Shai says:

    Whoa, I did a double take when I saw you were back, Maya – welcome, welcome, welcome! Missed ya.

  2. Avi says:

    מזל טוב וברוכה הבאה
    Congrats & Welcome Back

  3. Welcome back! Congrats for beautiful baby feet!

  4. Tamara says:

    I am so happy to have you back and glad that you will once again have an outlet for your creativity!
    I am not sure that this ‘baby’ needs less care than the real thing but at least I will know what you are busy with!

  5. Tsvi Bisk says:

    Dear Maya,

    Mazal Tov, Mabruk etc. etc. Welcome back. Yours is the most intellligent Blog in the Jewish blogasphere — and God knows we need some intelligence. It is good to know you are back at work.

    Love and best wishes,

    Tsvi Bisk

  6. Crystal Noble says:

    That’s such exciting news, Maya. Congratulations and welcome back!

    ~Crystal Noble

  7. Yoav Kaufman says:

    Welcome back Maya! Congrats on your new family member! I’m looking forward to reading your posts again.

  8. Maya Norton says:

    Thanks everyone! Immeasurably appreciated.

    @ Shai: Drop me a line from the other side of the world.

    @ Avi: Welcome back. Good to see you here.

    @ Liz: Welcome. It seems you may be my most tattooed, or at least passionately tattooed reader. I look forward to competing against you in the SuperJews Color Wars: red against blue (haven’t met any greens yet)– look for an upcoming post on this

    @ Tamara: I’m so glad to be back as well.

    @ Tsvi: I strive to live up to your opinion of me!

    @ Crystal: Great to have you back. I looked for you on Facebook, but didn’t see you. Are you there?

    @ Yoav: I’m clearly biased, but he’s a cutie. Enjoyed your recent post analyzing what motivates charitable giving.

    ~ Maya

  9. Cole says:

    Pillar content: a good reminder for us all! Glad to have you back!

  10. Ian says:

    Wow. I just had a feeling and took a peek. So gratifying to find you in such robust health and positive spirits. I would categorize your return as the champagne cork heard around the world. Look out world, the Great, late but not never, Maya has returned and I believe the world will never be the same, as exemplified by the new beautiful pair of feet that belong to her. I second the comment that the most intelligent person in the blogosphere has returned. Since your hiatus the world has changed dramatically for the worst but Maya’s return signals the first hint of Spring’s eternal return. From my side I would like to share in this birth and rebirth by mentioning that my own project, the factory were building will be finished by the end of the month. Now if only it would rain.

  11. […] I haven’t been able to write about this myself (remember those baby feet?), I am outsourcing this post by listing relevant sources where you can learn more about the […]

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