Great Educational Opportunity: Free MBA from BBYO

BBYO (Logo)

Sometimes you come across a program that seems too good to pass up. B’nai Brith Youth Organization’s new Professional Development Institute combines a free MBA (FREE), ongoing professional develoment, and the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of Jewish youth. In their own words, here is the information:

“Make a difference in the Jewish community while furthering your professional development and earning a free MBA with BBYO. This spring BBYO will be admitting 10 to 12 professionals into its Professional Development Institute (PDI), a three year program where, in addition to doing leadership development work with Jewish teens in one of many communities across the country, participants will receive an MBA from the Kelley School of Business at Indiana University and a Certificate in Informal Jewish Education from Hebrew College in Boston.

During the three years of the program, the participant will receive a full-time competitive salary, health/retirement benefits, a professional mentor, travel opportunities and an MBA from a top 20 business school at no cost to the professional. While in the program, they will work for an organization that has enriched the lives of Jewish teens for more than 80 years and has been recognized as an employer of choice by its employees.”

Who could say no? I love to see Jewish organizations offering programming to cultivate young leadership and make entry into the Jewish professional world more accessible and affordable. Well done, BBYO. We’ll be expecting big things from your graduates.

—– About BBYO and a Note on Strategic Branding —–

About BBYO

The B’nai Brith Youth Organization has specialized in youth leadership and development for over 80 years. Its programming begins at the time of a youth’s bar mitzvah and proceeds through college. Most recently they are the recipient of a $73,500 dollar grant from the Ontario Trillium Foundation intended for expanding programming and extending alumni connections. Check out their new website B-Linked to see how they’ve already started to do so.

Take Note of BBYO’s Strategic Branding


With regard to BBYO’s branding campaign, take a look at their updated logo, featured above in orange, compared with their traditional logo. This is a great example of a strategic moved aimed to get the attention of a young constituency, while maintaining the respect and integrity of the original brand.

Contact Information

Learn more by writing or join BBYO on Facebook for the most updated information.

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7 Responses to Great Educational Opportunity: Free MBA from BBYO

  1. yehia nawar says:

    i want to know how to make the registration

  2. Ghulam MUJTABA says:

    i want to do this MBA. what will be the procedure to register?

  3. ajay says:


  4. Hows It Going
    Your article has added really good value to your site. my homie say this because to me personally my homie find it really good. Maybe to some one else its not but to me you did really good. thank you very much for the info.

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