ROI Summit 2009: Stories of Inspiration

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I had the honor and privilege of attending this year’s ROI Summit in the New Media Track. It’s been hard for me to put into words the value and inspiration that I was gifted there, so instead of gushing about it, I’ll start by introducing you to four women I met who inspired me.

Manuela ZoninseinManuela Zoninsein, a journalist in Beijing and current Presentense Fellow, seeks to connect Chinese farmers with Israeli agricultural technology. She is in the process of creating Sustain, a newsletter that will “track the evolution of agricultural technology and techniques worldwide”
Nicole Hyman

Nicole Hyman’s goal is create a confluence between citizen media and mobile technology (namely cellphones). A South African strongly influenced by the Rwandan genocide, Nicole strives to provide Jewish bloggers with a way to use mobile media to promote and support Israel


Susanne Goldstone RosenhouseSusanne Goldstone Rosenhouse is the voice behind Jewish Tweets, Twitter’s most popular Jewish presence with over 3,800 followers. Susanne utilized her social media expertise to found ParnasaFest, a grassroots network helping Jews find meaningful employment within the Jewish community
Ziva Haller Rubenstein

Ziva Haller Rubenstein works for the Jewish Agency in Jerusalem. Her goal is to help make the Jewish Agency’s website more accessible and user friendly across languages, countries, and cultures. Ziva also blogs at the Designist’s Dream (de-Sign-ist, get it?) about sustainable art and design in Israel


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New Jew, New Directions

As for me, I joined ROI in order to find new directions for The New Jew. When I began my blog in August 2007, I was passionate about providing my readers with a broad view of Jewish philanthropy. I believed that Jewish giving was a lens for Jewish values and that by studying it, analyzing it, and promoting it, we would refine our thinking and engagement in the Jewish world.

Having taken a mandatory break from blogging because of pregnancy and new motherhood, I found that the need for a blog about Jewish philanthropy had been filled by one of my esteemed colleagues.

At the conclusion of The New Jew’s second year, I am seeking to rework its mandate to achieve the fullest utility, impact, and competitive advantage. Using the foundation of Jewish philanthropy, I plan to expand to cover social innovation in the Jewish world. I hope you will join me as travelers, friends, and innovators on my Jewish journey.



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7 Responses to ROI Summit 2009: Stories of Inspiration

  1. Esti says:

    I love Jewish Tweets, and yes, the woman behind it is a true leader in the growing population of Jewish tweets. I’ve also seen her in action at parnesafest, she is a social media madella!

  2. Tamara says:

    Maya – I would like to point out the the work you do is equally inspiring and I am sure that left this impression on more than a few of the ROI’ers.

    I am glad that you were reenergized, motivated into action and now have a network of likeminded people to make a difference with!

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