Saying Goodbye to The New Jew

Dear Friends,

It has been a long time coming, but today, with a heavy heart, I am closing The New Jew for good. Creating and sweating over The New Jew was an amazing, passionate, edifying experience– one that I definitively no longer have the resources to pursue. The blog, which continues to receive many thousands of hits a week despite very little posting, will remain open as a resource to all for the time being.

Thank you so much for your loyal support and participation over these past two years. Wishing you all Hag Hanukah Sameach,

~ Maya

17 Responses to Saying Goodbye to The New Jew

  1. Tamara says:

    Although I am selfishly sad that the New Jew will be taking leave I am confident that whatever you do next will be equally as exciting as fulfilling – just remember to share with us all!
    Thank you for the great investment that made the New Jew so refreshing to read.

  2. Maskil says:

    As a very new subscriber, I’m very sad to receive this news. 😦

  3. Joel Katz says:

    Sorry to hear this news.
    Hope to still see ya’ around the web, on twitter and in person (!)

    Chag Urim Sameach,

    Religion and State in Israel

  4. Gary Kulwin says:

    Hi, Maya –

    It’s sad for me to see you stop blogging, but (with two young boys of my own) I can fully relate to the time pressures that you must be under these days. I am sure that, even without the blog, your impact on Israel and the Jewish world will continue to grow through your writing and living.

    I want to thank you, in particular, for “hosting” the Bronfman Contest essay series as a special feature within your blog. It really was one of the most innovative and stimulating Jewish experiences that I have participated in (either on the web or in the ‘physical world’). In a Jewish world with so many organizations, periodicals, forums, conferences, etc., we seem to get very little serious discussion about the future – what sort of gloabl Jewish community do we intend to proactively create for ourselves. By doing something as simple as providing a place on your blog for others to share their proposals, you really made an impact. Kol HaKavod!

    May you go from strength to strength! L’hitraot ba’aretz (someday, I hope)! And, of course, Chag Hanukkah Sameach! 🙂

    Kol Tuv, GK

  5. OSA says:

    Please consider joining the very large blog called, which is owned by MSNBC. There are probably 500K members of, and you will meet some very capable Pro-Jewish posters there. Unfortunately, there is a very well-entrenched, seemingly officially tolerated larger group of anti-semitic members who seem to have the run of the place. Please help fellow Jews there! Oh, tell them OSA sent you, and please tell Calvin (Newsvine’s Co-Founder) that OSA is happy to recommend to Pro-Jewish organizations everywhere! 🙂

    • Maya Norton says:

      Thanks for the words of encouragement, OSA, but with limited resources, I need to pick my battles carefully. I just don’t have the capacity to deal with head-on, regular, and intentional anti-semitism in a web-based platform right now. I wish you much luck and stamina.

      I do write on behalf of Israel for Global Voices Online. You may be interested: check it out–

      ~ Maya

  6. OSA says:

    Thanks, Maya. I’ll check out, and I hope you find fulfillment and meaning doing what you do there. Peace.

  7. Jason says:

    sad that as I have stumbled upon this site I am informed that it is done.

    • Maya Norton says:

      Dear Jason,

      There is two years’ worth of posts in The New Jew’s arsenal, so all is not lost. Please do check out my older posts. You can navigate by tags, the sidebar, or searches– or just page back chronologically.

      Kol Tuv,

      ~ Maya

    • Maya Norton says:

      Hi Jason,

      Sorry for late comment. I responded when you first wrote, but it seems to have been swallowed. Glad to see you here, even if belatedly. If and when I start a new project that I’d like to share, I will update here to let everyone know.

      Wishing you well,

      ~ Maya

  8. David Bar-Cohn says:


    Just a note to say thank you for the work you put into the blog, especially all the efforts relating to the Bronfman contest. You cultivated a friendly, respectful, intelligent exchange of ideas — something that deserves to be emulated more often!

    Best wishes to you and yours,

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