The New Jew: Microblog– An Experiment in Social Media

Reflections via Luis Argerich on Flickr

In December 2009 I took fingers to keyboard and wrote with a heavy heart that I was signing off from The New Jew. Thing is, it was harder to leave it than I anticipated.

Let’s ignore the fact that my page views and subscription numbers are higher than ever (proof that it’s not always the front post that matters), the deep devotion that lead to the founding, development, and ongoing creation of The New Jew are still very much with me.

While I recognize the fact that I in no way have sufficient time to dedicate to full-time blogging as I once did (and what a true joy it was), I am embarking on an experiment in microblogging with Facebook as my platform. Join me at The New Jew: Microblog— an experiment in social media (

New Beginnings

What does this mean? Well, let me back up and tell you how I came to this idea. In the fall of 2009, I began work at Ben-Gurion University of the Negev’s Department of Donor Affairs (you won’t hear me talking about this frequently as I think work issues deserve to stay internal, but in this case it provides a general context for discussion).

Coming from a blogging background and understanding the importance of a good social media presence, I encouraged the university to create a Facebook fan page and Twitter account (which I co-administer and run, respectively). Working with Facebook fan pages helped me understand how versatile they can be– and how easy they are to use as a social media platform, especially in relative terms.

During this time, I’ve been investigating how organizations, and bloggers in particular, were using Facebook fan pages to reach their audiences or provide a different channel of communication to their readers. My overwhelming conclusion is that they are not. The two seem to be binary: there’s either a blog or a fan page, but not both.

— Read more about the experiment and what you can expect —

The Experiment

I am interested in finding how how this works from a first-person perspective. Although the two are reflective of either (see title image), I believe they serve different purposes. Facebook is a flash, a headline, a contrail. Blogging is the article, the thoughts, the story behind. I seek to determine the relationship between the two from a social media and blogging perspective.


But please note my disclaimer. Unfortunately, this is not my return to blogging as it once was– I’ve already stated that time is simply not available for that– but a foray between the two. This will be microblogging using the Facebook platform where the The New Jew blog (as you see it here) will serve as my history book, my record, and my conversation extender since a Facebook page is nothing but a rolling script where after a page break, the content is lost to the virtual world.

What You Can Expect

So back to the question of what this means. What can you expect from The New Jew: Blogging Jewish Philanthropy (here) and the The New Jew: Microblog (there)?

  • Daily Highlights: Daily or almost daily posts on primary issues from the world of Jewish philanthropy with a focus on Israel and best practice highlights from the nonprofit world (just like here)
  • Collaborative Efforts: Comments, links, and posts from collaborators (similar to here)
  • Learning from Experience: Notes on what works and what doesn’t in the microblogging platform so that you can pick up from my experiment and give it a try with your own organization
  • Learning from Mistakes: I’ll share with you the first one– the microblog has the same title as the original blog, which I chose in error as a placeholder believing that I could come back and alter it– but beware, once you choose a name for a Facebook fan page, it’s permanent

Next Steps

Lots of questions are on my mind about how this will work as I embark on my new journey. I invite you to please join me at The New Jew: Microblog and see for yourself.

Image credit to Luis Argerich via Flickr, with thanks for him using the Creative Commons license.



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2 Responses to The New Jew: Microblog– An Experiment in Social Media

  1. Woohoo! You’re really back! Glad to see you’re updating your blog along with facebook.

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