Can You Resist Kiva’s Siren Call? (I Hope Not)

Dear Friends,

Tomorrow you will see a new entry on The New Jew, but tonight I have a special present for you. This is my first week as a lender-donor on Kiva and I’ve found it to be such an interesting, fulfilling experience. I want you to join me.

The Offer

So here’s my offer, I will give a Kiva gift card worth $25 to the first three people who comment here and say they want to try micro-lending for the first time. My only conditions- and I won’t hold you to them, it’s only a contract you are making with yourself- are that:

  1.  If you like the experience of lending, you write and tell me why
  2.  You give a gift card to someone whom you think would likewise enjoy it

So who are my top prospects right now? I’m looking at Medhi, Evelyn.

Meet Mehdi (Salam Wa Aleikum, Mehdi)

Mehdi has one day left on his loan- at time of writing, $250 is needed- to help him expand his fruit and vegetable  business. He is interested in expanding his offerings, and hopes the loan will help grow his business, and therefore help him better support his family, whom he cares deeply about.

Here’s how Kiva gets you with the urgency (see graphic). 


Funding Mehdi was my first longer term loan. Up until now, I have strongly preferred loans that are coming due in the short term (i.e. this fall). Something you should know is that all lenders are refunded at the same time, incrementally. You don’t get one final amount back at the end, but you’re refunded small amounts according to the borrower’s payment schedule, which is outlined in detail at the bottom of the screen.

— Keep Reading: Meet Evelyn; Will You Say Yes? —

 Meet Evelyn (Hola, Evelyn)

I’ve got my eye on Evelyn. She sounds like an amazing woman- one I’d like to meet.

At 24, Evelyn has owned her own automotive parts business for over four years (wow!). She’s converted part of her home into work space, and seeks a loan of $1,025 to expand her workshop and increase her product line, and therefore her profit margin.

Never mind lending her $25, I want to fly to Huancayo, Peru for her to school me in women’s entrepreneurship.

So is she worth a tiny loan to be repaid next June? Absolutely. (And do you know what? I have a feeling she’ll repay it sooner than that.)

Conclusion: Say Yes

So accept my offer. Comment below that you want to try Kiva with my support. You don’t have to accept my offer-  try it on your if you’re so inclined. 

But when you do, come back and tell me about your experience as a donor-lender- on Kiva and with micro-giving in general.

  • If this was your first time, how did you feel about it? Do you think you’ll give again in this way?
  • If this was a follow-up experience, how did it compare to your previous micro-giving?

I can’t wait to hear your thoughts.

Look for my upcoming entry: “Does Giving Make You Happy?”



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16 Responses to Can You Resist Kiva’s Siren Call? (I Hope Not)

  1. Jean says:

    I want to try micro-donating!

  2. Maya Norton says:

    First one, Jean. You’re in. Congratulations!!

    I think all I need is your e-mail, so please reply to this comment and fill it in the space available (only I will be able to see it).

    So excited for you to join my giving cult. 🙂

    ~ Maya

  3. Jean says:

    Filled in. And of course I meant micro-LENDING, I was just too excited. I saw this site a year or more ago and had forgotten about it.

  4. ilse says:

    i’d love to have one… i’ve seen how much micro-funding can help!!!! 🙂

  5. Maya Norton says:

    Ilse, you’re in (and I was thinking you might be one of my three). Please message me your e-mail on Facebook.

    I just realized that this heavily favors US timezones as I’m writing in the middle of the night, but the good energy and intent are out there for everyone to engage with. 🙂

    ~ Maya

  6. Maya Norton says:

    Note: permanent shortcut for this post:

  7. batsheva says:

    Count me in! I’d love to try micro-lending.

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  9. chimac says:

    That is a generous gesture and a great way to promote the cause. Kindness is its own reward. I shared one of my examples of that in this post.

  10. Crystal Parra says:

    Hi! Just wanna say you are a rare and amazing human being & thanx for giving someone else the opportunity that they might of never once had before. I just recently found this kiva website and I’m excited to say I’m going to make my first loan. Ya it isn’t as much as I would love to give but I hope that it is appreciated all the same. Good luck loaning and take care…

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