Making a Difference: Children of Ramle & Sir Nicholas Winton, Patron Saint of Jewish Children

February 11, 2008
Photo sourced from Wikimedia
Sir Nicholas Winton, Patron Saint of Jewish Children

Good People Doing Good Things

I admit it. I love feel good stories about people making a difference. Every once in a while, I feel we’re in need of a good dose of stories about people who prove our faith in humanity. Here are two examples.

Chess Club for Children of Ramle

Here’s a video about Daniel Prozumenshivov, an American chess player who started a chess club for minority and immigrant kids in Ramle, a low-income suburb of Tel Aviv.

Looks as if David and his partner are MASA volunteers.

Saint Nicholas


And while we’re on the topic of doing good, let me bring your attention to a man I have dubbed Saint Nicholas.

Sir Nicholas Winton of Britain, 98, has been nominated for a 2008 Nobel Peace for his work in organizing rescue missions to save 669 Czechoslovakian Jewish children from concentration camps in 1939. He secured safe passage for the children through Germany and found them foster homes in Britain for the duration of the war.

Sir Winton’s heroic action was secret until his wife discovered documentation in the attic detailing his efforts. Yad Vashem, the Israeli Holocaust Museum, does not consider Sir Winton a righteous gentile because his family was originally Jewish, having converted to Christianity before he was born.

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his incredible efforts.

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