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Welcome to my Read Me page, where you can learn about other projects I am involved in in addition to The New Jew: Blogging Jewish Philanthropy.

I am a professional freelance writer. My love of writing imbues everything that I do, as I hope you can see. Please contact me at mayan80 [at] if you would like a hand with a project or proposal. I am available for hire.

Please also take a look at my client testimonials.

Sample Articles: Global Voices Online

Please see the full list of my articles for Global Voices here.

Editing & Consulting Experience

Creative Projects

  • Israel Tech Trips— Exploring the possibility of bringing technologically oriented trips to Israel from the US in order to promote and deepen connections with Israel’s technology sector
  • Jewish Energy Project— Participating in the Jewish Energy Project, exploring the possibility of forwarding Israeli technology through new ways of communal giving
  • Jewish Idea-a-Day Project— Working on a Jewish Idea a Day project in which one member of the group comes up with an idea for Israel and the Jewish community and we discuss its value and application

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