Top Jewish Foundations and Their Philanthropic Giving


Jewish Foundations Giving 20% to Jewish Causes

Last week I wrote a post on Jewish Foundations Giving Only 20% to Jewish Causes.” A number of people were nice enough to comment and e-mail to let me know that when the report talked about Jewish organizations it referred to organizations founded by a Jew, and not necessarily those run as a Jewish community organizations.

Report on Jewish Foundational Giving

I’ve now read the report in the original, “A Study of Jewish Foundations” (of the Institute for Jewish and Community Research) and see that authors Gary Tobin and Aryeh Weinberg clearly define their terms. (My source did not.)

You can see the list of foundations below, sourced from pages 12 and 13 of the report.

Bringing You Primary Sources

As my blog develops, I am getting a better sense of my resources and will make every effort to share primary sources with you so that you can access them firsthand.

Presenting: The List

In no way is my presentation of this list intended to pass judgment on any of these foundations. Rather, consider this a user friendly guide to major foundations doing important work in the Jewish community and promoting Jewish values in the world.

Keep in mind that a small percentage of total funds given by a large foundation could still amount to a great deal of actual support. For example, the Harry and Jeanette Weinberg Foundation donates 52% of their annual funds to Jewish causes, but with a budget of $2 billion, this equals $52 million.

Here are the top Jewish foundations organized by the percent their organization gives to Jewish causes.

75%- 100%

  • Ronald S. Lauder Foundation, aiding vulnerable Jewish communities in Central and Eastern Europe
  • Avi Chai Foundation, perpetuating Judaism and the Jewish people, supporting the State of Israel
  • Andrea and Charles Bronfman Philanthropies, Inc., encouraging young people’s appreciation of their Jewish history, heritage, and culture, and improving the quality of life in Israel
  • Charles E. Smith Family Foundation (unknown), read more about the Charles E. Smith Life Communities for older people
  • Charles and Lynn Schusterman Foundation, spreading the joy of Jewish living and learning
  • Ted Arison Family Foundation USA, Inc. (unknown), read more about Ted Arison (z”l)
  • Mandel Supporting Foundation, providing outstanding leadership to the nonprofit world
  • 50%- 75%

    25%- 50%

    Below 25%

    Foundations Choosing Not to Give to Jewish Causes

    Tobin and Weinberg recorded the following foundations as giving 0% to Jewish causes in 2004/2005, when their records were taken: the Weil Family Foundation, the Broad Foundation, the Annenberg Foundation (with $2.5 billion in assets), and the George Kaiser Family Foundation.

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    Photo Credit

    Photo sourced from JTA’s original article on foundations here.

    33 Responses to Top Jewish Foundations and Their Philanthropic Giving

    1. AmiV says:

      It is interesting that Israel is not seen as the primary donation destination. At least not as much as it was in the past. Maybe it is a good sign of new Israeli prosperity and less of a need for philanthropy. But I keep seeing signs on the roads here “A million people hungry in silence” (translated from Hebrew) ~ maybe with less tourism from world Jews, less awareness of what is going in in Israel on a daily life, we can call it one contributor. Anyway, there are still lots of Israelis who do not have the ‘good life’. Now that Israel is a little quieter in the press, specially in the Jewish press, maybe it’s time to make some noise. AmiV [] ~

      ps. Israel is certainly getting to be a nicer place all the time, but there are still some people who need help.

      • Michael Podolski says:

        First of all Israel is a terrible place for new immigrants, specialy for adults. The poverty is everywere,you just have to live here and not judge from an forghin viewpoint.

        • bob brown says:

          Somewhere far away there is a planet where you find your information. In a recent study, Israelis reported being the 7th happiest societ in the world. Their economy is booming!

    2. [...] my post, “Jewish Foundations and Their Philanthropic Giving,” I provided a list of the top Jewish foundations and what percentage they were donating to Jewish [...]

    3. Yitzhak Levi says:

      Thank You for this priceless list. G-d Bless & keep up the good work! Isaac

    4. thenewjew says:

      My pleasure, Isaac. I hope you find use for it with your work in Barcelona. Please keep me updated as to how you are progressing.



    5. [...] “Top Jewish Foundations and Their Philanthropic Giving,” Gary Tobin and Aryeh Weinberg’s A Study of Jewish Foundations provides us analytic rankings of the most generous American Jewish foundations (but the Forbes list does not include private foundations) [...]

    6. Mattias says:

      Thanks for this list. Just a quick edit: “For example, the Harry and Jeanette Weinberg Foundation donates 52% of their annual funds to Jewish causes, but with a budget of $2 billion, this equals $52 million.” 52% of $2 billion is $520 million. (probably a typo!)

    7. Donna Greenberg says:

      Are there any foundations who can help support a 95 year old woman stay at home, money needed for care givers, instead of going to an Old People’s Home?

      • Maya Norton says:

        Hi Donna,

        Where in the world are you? What else can you tell me about the specific situation that will better help me answer your question (i.e. are you specifically inquiring about Jewish organizations)? Your first step should be to inquire with local social service organizations.

        ~ Maya

        The New Jew: Microblog on Facebook (

    8. kishor says:

      sir i am stuck in a big financial problem will you please help me to come out of this situation.

    9. David says:

      Are there any foundations who would assist an organization that I work for, we are trying to give the religious Jews tools to all reach out and share our heritage with those who are unaffilliated, and not just leave it to the proffesionals?

    10. Jewish teenagers at risk, any help here with funds?

    11. sole says:


      [...]Top Jewish Foundations and Their Philanthropic Giving « The New Jew[...]…

    12. Laura M. says:

      I am interested in Jewish Philanthropies focused on Boston and Reform Jews/Rabbis.

    13. columbus electricians…

      [...]Top Jewish Foundations and Their Philanthropic Giving « The New Jew[...]…

    14. become an electrician…

      [...]Top Jewish Foundations and Their Philanthropic Giving « The New Jew[...]…

    15. I am looking for a philanthropic foundation which helps in the performing arts dedicated to Jewish Theatre. Specifically, the ‘Liliana Moraru Santa Cruz Jewish Theatre’, now in its third season. We are the first and only Jewish Theatre established as a community theatre – on the California central coast.
      I would appreciate help in connecting to any foundation interested in our venture.
      Claire Cameron, Artistic Director
      Liliana Moraru Santa Cruz Jewish Theatre

    16. lindabkatz says:

      Hi! I am interested in telling stories, and, sharing news and information about growing Jewish communities in Eastern Europe. On a recent trip I learned about Jews ‘coming out of hiding’ (so to speak) and learning about Jewish religion and culture. I”m looking for foundations that will support my work to provide these very brave and interested Jews a voice to share their journey. They have a lot to share and teach us about what it means to be Jewish!

      My blog:

      Thanks for any help you can provide, and thanks for this blog!

    17. I am looking for donors to the project in Israel: Implementation of mentoring for new immigrants and unemployed university graduates who work in the sub – Employment and support the process of integration into the labor market in the long run.

        Project goals:
      – Equality of opportunity and personal fulfillment of Immigrants and maximum realization of intellectual potential inherent in it.
      – Vocational training for immigrants, upgrading and retraining of professionals who are not required in the country.
      – Providing tools for teaching engineering graphics programs to help immigrants integrate into employment, rise in their socio – economic and gainfully employed.

    18. John M Riggs says:

      I am searching for intersted parties to help us effect the spread of understanding and interfaith peace by means of showing rationale of Jewish Customs and beliefs. Hence : Who is prepared to make an offer to purchase and publish the manuscript of the Afrikaans translation of Avner Eliyahu Romm’s – who is a grandson of a famous Rabbbi who translatd the Siddur to “The Sidoer” for the Afrikaans People of Southern Africa and the son of a Jerusalem based Rabbi – and I’s proposed condenced version of the Minhagim (Customs and Traditions of Jewish People – their origins and rationale) translated to Afrikaans by myself ? Contact me at or fax 27 78 004 2200

    19. says:

      To the Jewish people through all the levels of life. Hope you can realize the need to connect to the ancient world in Israel and warn them of the time travelers invasion of the Oracle of God. Extortion of the Jewish and Hebrew culture through a time portal. Please educate your ancient culture and modernize their thinking. It will be critical to bring to speed the underworld and heavens association with the modern world.

    20. very good list… in the site
      have Top Jewish Foundations and Their Philanthropic Giving in Hebrew)

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